18th of Dec

Got up at 05:30 this morning Z z z … Gym with the little bro before he has to go to  work at 8am. So I worked out for 1h20min then I walked home which took 35min, in this weather it feels like taking 2 steps forward and 8 back. Slush!

Around lunch time I felt completely drained, still hate that feeling. But they warned me about this just after my transplant. That for the next 6months or so I could all of a sudden feel like I have no energy what so ever and feel exausted. I have been feeling really tired for the last week, but could be just that my body has been so active and busy lately. I haven’t been taking it that easy. So I have been trying to relax and chill more the last couple of days. But, I still need my work-outs. It’s what keeps me going as much as I do. Probably gives me even more energy, and most of all it’s something I love and look forward too every single day.

Anyways, I recovered haha and went for yet another long walk with Vixi. She refuses to go for long walks when it’s too cold so prefect temp. for a long walk today!

Then at around 3:30pm we power-walked, almost ran haha home to my parents house, to take the car and rush into town to pick up my mother at the train station. Then I had dinner with my mother and then she was a star and gave me a deep-tissue massage, arms / shoulders / back. Sooo painful. But felt good afterwards. Muscles are tense & sore as hell. Might have to to even more stretching. After that I walked home, so now I am just going to spend the rest of the evening, with a cup of tea and watch Morden i Sandhamn later tonight, first I need to find ODJURET on SVTplay. I read the book last summer in the UK and I just couldn’t put it down.

Lots Of Love

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