Set-back? Liver function tests …

Just got my testresults back from this morning & I am not happy. All my liver function tests are way too high. What does this mean? That my body is trying it’s best to reject my new liver? Going to talk to my doctor tomorrow and see what she says. But Huddinge hasn’t said anything about it so I am a bit confused and scared. This is my first ”set-back”.

Started to cry talking to my mum on the phone. Don’t know why, well … probably cause honestly it scares the shit out of me. I just hooope that it’s nothing serious. We’ll see what they say tomorrow. Right now I just feel completely drained and down. 

Battle scar …

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2 reaktion på “Set-back? Liver function tests …

  1. Jobbigt att höra. Hoppas verkligen de kan ordna det genom ändring av medicinering.

    Tänker på dig och håller tummarna!



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