Thursday – hospital

Time to go to the hospital for tests. I am going to ask my nurse to print out my testresults from the last two times, so I can see what they all look like. I haven’t seen my results in a couple of months so it will be interesting.

After that I am heading to the gym for arm / back / abs. I have been working on my abs during the last couple of days and no pain, except good ”pain”, I am more sore than in pain. Such a nice feeling as I really need to get rid of the puffyness around the scar and get some ab muscles back. Because it’s really annoying me. 

After that I am going for a walk with Vixi, Daniel and their dog Kennie. Need to try and spend some time with Daniel now that he is home from Umeå. 

Will update about my Christmas later today. 

Lots Of Love

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