Christmas !

Ok, so been preparing for Christmas for what feels like forever and it’s already over and done with. It went by so fast! It was a nice and relaxing Christmas though. Christmas Eve I had a day off from the gym as it was closed (surprise surprise) but I’ve been there tues, wed & twice yesterday. Today was leg & ass day. Tomorrow I am having a well deserved day off! I need to re-boost my body. Going to Erikslund with the parents tomorrow. I want to find a nice dress that isn’t tight around the scar area. Good luck with that. I feel like a swollen p i g . Yes, that’s right. It’s not funny anymore.  Bring on my 3month check-up. 

Been feeling very shaky the last couple of days againg. Annoying. You can see it very clearly after a good work-out. I also have this trembling/vibrating feeling, not that easy to explain. It comes and goes though. I think my steroid dose needs to be lower.

Lots Of Love

Christmas .. 


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