Busy weekend!

Has been a super busy  weekend, that’s why I haven’t been on here for a couple of days. There for no posts.

So … just to be clear. This is not turning into a work-out / gym blog. BUT, I am just trying to whip my ass into shape, like I’ve always wanted to but haven’t been able too. Now I am finally seeing some results, which feels amazing! BUT, it is also a lot of hard work. Last week I went to the gym 5 times. I could go every single day, but I need to allow my body to rest. Which sure isn’t easy. It’s also pretty cool to think that I can be so active just months after my transplant. How fast the body can recover. I am starting to get some ab muscles back. Which is pretty darn painful to say the least! BUT, so freaking awesome!!! I’ve missed my abs. Still feel kind of fat around the tummy. Can’t wait until my 3month check-up, after that it should be all clear to work-out however and whatever I like. F r e e d o m!


So my weekend … Friday, got up at 5am, to be at the gym at 6. Early as …. !!

Anyways. Like I wrote before, Nicole has been home from the UK for a week. Has been amazing to have her home. She is seriously so much fun. We spent friday night at my place after I had a yummi dinner at my parents house and then we  headed into town for a little bit. But, since I still shouldn’t be in crowded places we just walked around for a bit and ended up at McDonalds of all places, mostly to get out of the freezing cold. Haha.

Saturday we were supposed to go for a walk at Björnön but, since the weather was pretty awful we decided to bake some bread instead. Turned out good, not as yummi and fluffy as last time though. I will have to bake some more. I don’t buy bread from the grocery store anymore, as I don’t really like it and neither dose my tummy. And well I have plenty of time to bake, so why not.

Saturday night I spent with my little bro at the gym. Had a good work-out even though my body was feeling a little bit tired. Didn’t feel like I gave it my all. But, it’s ok to not always feel perfect. I made up for it today (monday).

Sunday I did absolutely nothing, got up at 8am for my meds, then went back to sleep until like 1pm. Felt so ”lost” and tired until in the evening when I walked over to Annas for a girls night with her and Nicole. Nicoles last night in Sweden until like Feb. So sad. But, we watched Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. Ok movie, not really my cup of tea however it was alright … very funny at least! I always have sooo much fun with my girls. I have been feeling a little bit down lately so it sure made me feel a lot better!

125g Kvarg och 1,5dl osötade hallon .. MUMS.

Monday … doctors visit and bloodtests. Nothing to update there, everything still looks the same as last week soo. I will not be seeing my doctor until like 2nd week of January. As it’s Christmas Eve next week and New Years Eve the Monday after, then the 7th I have a full day of tests etc. At Karolinska so ….

I will only be taking bloodtests Thursday & Thursday the next two weeks. Yay! Unless the tests don’t look as good, then I will have to go to BMT and have tests done. But, I am confident they will probably stay the same, or even better … improve!

After work-out meal. Protein shake and kvarg&hallon.

Lots Of Love


Ska kika på ROCKNROLL… A. Såg att den gick på TV igår. En film i min smak med alla mina favorit skådespelare! Perfekt. 

bilder google.