En onsdag …

Tog sovmorgon imorse … gick upp kl 08:00 . Wow … vilken lyx haha. Var så trög startad idag. Lagom irriterande! Men, jag har fortf. dagar då jag känner mig helt slut. Bara att lyssna på kroppen. Det varierar verkligen det där. Super skakig har jag varit igår och idag. Kan knappt skriva eller hålla i något. Hoppas det avtar under de närmaste dagarna.

Idag har jag bla. traskat till gymmet … tog en halv evighet kändes det som. Men det är lika skönt som vanligt med en lång prommis, speciellt nu när jag vet att jag klarar av det utan att vara helt slutkörd efteråt. För som tex. idag. Jag gick dit, körde armar / axlar / rygg i 1,5h sen gick jag till mammas jobb. Väl hemma, efter att ha hämtat lite grejjer från England hos mor & far, så var det bara att plocka undan lite här hemma, diska och sånt kul. Duscha. Hann knappt sätta mig ner förrän jag och Anna skulle iväg och handla på Coop. Coop är bra! Där är det lite folk, annars är Maxi favoriten. Min frys & kyl ekade, så härligt att fylla upp den igen! Trött på köttfärssås och pasta haha. Även om det kommer bli lunchen imorgon … jippi.

Jag och Anna var hemma hos mig igen strax efter 20.00. Käkade lite sen vid 21.00 traskade vi över gatan till Elisabeth. Vi har ju ”date night” varje onsdag. Gick hem efter Morden i Sandhamn och nu sitter man här. 43 minuter i 11. Borde verkligen gå och lägga mig nu! Upp tidigt för provtagning imorgon bitti. Sen efter det ska jag besöka Malin som ligger inne. Konstigt det kommer kännas att komma dit som besökande och inte som sjuk. 

Hade på mig min Steamboat Colorado t-shirt på gymmet idag. En favorit, även om den börjar se riktigt sliten ut. Men idag kände jag bara ”orka”. 

Min Burton jacka som jag köpte i USA åkte på idag. Perfekt när det är lite små kyligt bara. OCH Bula mössan så klart. 

Sneak-peak … ÄNTLIGEN kom det vi beställt från England hit idag. Beställde bla. denna ursköna tröja. Coola färger och riktigt skön. Lång, så håller mig varm och go. 

Nej, dags att borsta gaddarna! Natti natti 

Busy weekend!

Has been a super busy  weekend, that’s why I haven’t been on here for a couple of days. There for no posts.

So … just to be clear. This is not turning into a work-out / gym blog. BUT, I am just trying to whip my ass into shape, like I’ve always wanted to but haven’t been able too. Now I am finally seeing some results, which feels amazing! BUT, it is also a lot of hard work. Last week I went to the gym 5 times. I could go every single day, but I need to allow my body to rest. Which sure isn’t easy. It’s also pretty cool to think that I can be so active just months after my transplant. How fast the body can recover. I am starting to get some ab muscles back. Which is pretty darn painful to say the least! BUT, so freaking awesome!!! I’ve missed my abs. Still feel kind of fat around the tummy. Can’t wait until my 3month check-up, after that it should be all clear to work-out however and whatever I like. F r e e d o m!


So my weekend … Friday, got up at 5am, to be at the gym at 6. Early as …. !!

Anyways. Like I wrote before, Nicole has been home from the UK for a week. Has been amazing to have her home. She is seriously so much fun. We spent friday night at my place after I had a yummi dinner at my parents house and then we  headed into town for a little bit. But, since I still shouldn’t be in crowded places we just walked around for a bit and ended up at McDonalds of all places, mostly to get out of the freezing cold. Haha.

Saturday we were supposed to go for a walk at Björnön but, since the weather was pretty awful we decided to bake some bread instead. Turned out good, not as yummi and fluffy as last time though. I will have to bake some more. I don’t buy bread from the grocery store anymore, as I don’t really like it and neither dose my tummy. And well I have plenty of time to bake, so why not.

Saturday night I spent with my little bro at the gym. Had a good work-out even though my body was feeling a little bit tired. Didn’t feel like I gave it my all. But, it’s ok to not always feel perfect. I made up for it today (monday).

Sunday I did absolutely nothing, got up at 8am for my meds, then went back to sleep until like 1pm. Felt so ”lost” and tired until in the evening when I walked over to Annas for a girls night with her and Nicole. Nicoles last night in Sweden until like Feb. So sad. But, we watched Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. Ok movie, not really my cup of tea however it was alright … very funny at least! I always have sooo much fun with my girls. I have been feeling a little bit down lately so it sure made me feel a lot better!

125g Kvarg och 1,5dl osötade hallon .. MUMS.

Monday … doctors visit and bloodtests. Nothing to update there, everything still looks the same as last week soo. I will not be seeing my doctor until like 2nd week of January. As it’s Christmas Eve next week and New Years Eve the Monday after, then the 7th I have a full day of tests etc. At Karolinska so ….

I will only be taking bloodtests Thursday & Thursday the next two weeks. Yay! Unless the tests don’t look as good, then I will have to go to BMT and have tests done. But, I am confident they will probably stay the same, or even better … improve!

After work-out meal. Protein shake and kvarg&hallon.

Lots Of Love

Fav. just nu

Laktosfri proteinyoghurt, hallon är favoriten! Carrotsticks är mitt favorit snacks just nu! Går åt en jädrans massa morötter / vecka. Ägg äter jag flera per dag. Mättande å bra. Sen tar jag även min proteinshake efter ett träningspass. Måste hitta mer dock, apoteket har slutat sälja den jag har nu, som inte innehåller soja OCH det är inte lätt ska jag berätta. Nej, jisses.


Yep, got the all clear from my doctor on monday to go back to the gym. So byebye physical therapist. Worked-out yesterday for 1,5h but then I felt some pain in my right side so I stopped. Pretty sore today though! But that’s good.

Also made some chili-fudge yesterday. So yummi and perfect for Christmas.

Finally got my little brother to work-out at the gym with me. So tomorrow I am going to kick his ass. Mohaha … he’s got no clue what’s waiting. Will be interesting to see how sore he is going to feel friday. I am however planning on going to the gym after bloodtests tomorrow and then Frid and sat. We’ll see how often my bro wants to go.

Now I am going to walk home with Vixi to my parents house. Later tonight I am going to Annas again, girls night with Anna, Nicole (who is home for a week from London yay!) and Elisabeth! :)

Lots Of Love

More baking?

Yep, apparently I didn’t get enough of baking yesterday. SO … I decided to bake some bread this morning. Grahamsbullar .. typ. Hopefully they will turn out fab! Fingers crossed. I love my bosch bake-machine. So much easier ! 

Thought I was going to be sore as hell today after yesterdays work-out, but it’s actually not that bad. Lets just hope tomorrow will be the same. So nice and sunny outside today so a nice walk will be good !

Lots Of Love

One of those days

Today I have been super tired. I guess my body needed sleep as I went to bed at around 2am this morning, woke up at 08am to take my meds had my morning porridge. Then I went back to bed, slept until 12pm.  Then I made a home-made pizza, had a small slice for lunch and then I sent Anna a text. We decided to go for a nice walk in the very cold weather. – 13 degrees. But we had on our skipants haha, so we wouldn’t turn into big ice-cubes.

The last couple of days I have had some real trouble eating. Don’t exactly know why. But I forget to eat as I don’t feel hunger again. This really annoys me. As I can def. feel it, no energy. Even though I am doing things all the time, I feel the strain on my body.

Had a nap this afternoon too … after the our walk. I was so tired … so I took a 1hour nap. Woke up feeling sick and so cold. That’s the down side with naps. How I feel waking up. Anyways. Now I feel better. I am going to cook some köttfärssås now and wash some dishes … yay. Probably not doing much tonight at all … as I need to get up early tomorrow. Driving mum to the train station and then going to the hospital for my monday doctors appointment and bloodtests. I still go twice a week, we’ll se what they say at Karolinska in January when I have my 3month check-up. Hopefully I won’t have to go just as often after that. Time will tell. But, for now all my tests look really good. It’s only my concentration that is really going up and down. It went way down, even though they added 1mg of prograf. Very strange. However at Karolinska last tuesday they said that this is very normal during the first 3months. But, you would think this would get better … but nope.


Baking – resting – onsdag

Went to bed after mum dropped Vixi off here. We slept for 3whole hours. I forgot how tired I get from all the pain. It drains me from basicly all energy. So I needed a loong morning nap.

I did some baking today. Blueberrymuffins. Couldn’t just do nothing all day haha. But, not without my stomach starting to hurt like hell. Also cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. Hello restless Johanna? After that though I have been resting … sort of. Had to make dinner though. But, after that I have been stuck in the couch with pain. At least I know it’s nothing dangerous. But I know I need to relax more and rest my body because otherwise it’s not going to get any better. Which stinks!! Think I am going to lay down in bed for 1hour, at 8pm Anna & Elisabeth are coming over to watch Greys etc. Girls night!!

Lots Of Love


Orange – kiwi – banana & lactose-free yoghurt. I eat everything lactose-free as my tummy doesn’t like milk-products after the transplant. 

Food & hungry

It feels so good that I can eat like a normal person again. Sure I eat smaller portions but still ! I love food and now I can eat whatever I like (except for the things I am allergic too, fat foods and some veggies that my stomach still can’t handle cause of my Ulcerös Kolit) . But I am so used to that already so it’s not a problem.

The only thing that bothers me about my allergies etc. is eating out. I haven’t had a meal in a restaurant for over 1year. It’s sadly not something I can enjoy. Oh well …  So happy I can eat and I have so much more energy now compared to before. So now I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner & 3 ”snacks”. I try to eat as healthy as I can. As I am hungry like aaaall the time. Well, I still can’t actually feel ”hunger” I just feel like I am going to be sick. I don’t get a heads up, it’s more like darnit I have to eat something noooow. Ohwell. Something I am getting used to and hopefully I will start to feel when I am hungry soon.

Saturdays I am allowed candy. But, I feel kinda sick after eating things with too much sugar so I am trying to eat a lot of fruit, veggies and other things instead.

Today I had dinner  & my parents house. Sooo yummi & healthy. Kebabmeat with spinach & other veggies.

Lots Of Love
Johanna ♥